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Can an employer have you on STD/LTD instead of accommodating? My employer refused to explore alternative work arrangements. Can they skip that part of accommodation and move to Disability? I have been with a large company for over 10 years. 7 years in one job, 3 years on the newer higher paying more demanding job. Asked manager for help switching to different position in my previous department or previous role, due to my shoulder issue. That position I found is lower paying, but I am able. The current job I cannot do. We tried desk accommodations but ultimately failed, I cannot use my dominant arm/hand and speech to text did not cooperate with the work environment. I never got help transferring to various jobs I found, including one that I had done before, that was hiring all the time. I went on STD while looking for alternative work. I had a return to work during STD, but hurt my shoulder more and stayed on STD no work, turned into LTD which is ending soon. Now, when that ends, they will place me on unpaid leave. BUT I WANT TO WORK! I have wanted to work this whole time. I have found jobs, showed my manager, showed my disability case manager, and nothing. Finally I was told I'd get rehab/vocational help to return to work. Really though, what that entailed was re-writing my resume and cover letter, and wishing me good luck on any jobs searches. I have one month left of coverage before they put me on unpaid leave. Were they supposed to help me with alternative work this whole time, or just now that LTD is ending? Can I sue for lost wages considering I can prove the work was available?
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