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I went on short term disability due to Racial trauma that occurred at my workplace; I was on salary continuance from Jan.15th 2020 till oct. 22nd 2020. During my time away from work I became pregnant and Sunlife instructed my employer to stop my salary continuance and that I will transition to EI maternity benefits. Now fast forward to early this year I have been receiving request from the insurance company to apply for long term disability as my pregnancy was unrelated to my disability. I went back and forth with Sunlife as they kept making erroneous statements ( putting a deadline to apply when this was never mentioned when I was on STD) . Finally after several emails between myself and two claim officers they now finally confirm that my short term salary continuance was in fact approved to Jan.16th, 2021 and the date of a deadline was an error on their part. My argument to them is that I am stilled owed the remaining balance from oct. 22 , 2020 to Jan. 16, 2021. They said that I would have to contact my employer in regards to the remaining balance and if I decide to apply for LTD and it’s approved it would be retroactive from Jan.16th 2021. My question is: why is the onus on me to contact my employer, when it was Sunlife who gave my employer direction to stop my salary continuance in the first place. It is very upsetting to me that Sunlife is asking me to do this when they know my employer is the case of my disability and having me contact them causes great anxiety. Furthermore, if I apply for LTD how is this going to affected my maternity/parental leave benefits. I do not want to have an issue with EI. I do not understand why I cannot apply for LTD after my maternity/parental leave ends. Please advise, as I am getting very frustrated with Sunlife. At this point I’m ready to just hand in my resignation.
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