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I have been a licensed autobody technician for around 50 years. At the age of 64, while working for Assured Automotive, I was injured at work. I tripped over materials left in the entranceway and fell into a large piece of stationary equipment. As a direct result of the accident, I had surgery to fix the complete tear of my right supraspinatus tendon and attended physical therapy sessions. After consultations and interviews with doctors, Assured and WSIB, it was ultimately determined that there wasn't a realistic opportunity for career retraining and per WSIB there isn't 'suitable or sustainable work' with my current employer. In January of 2021 I turned 66 and at the end of May 2021 my workers compensation benefits ended and WSIB closed my case. I am currently at home unable to work. On multiple occasions I have reached out to Human Resources at Assured. I do not know my status of employment with them. They have not given me separation papers, a record of employment or any other paperwork. They haven't indicated that I am no longer employed there. I have not received any compensation from them. When I asked my contact in HR to provide me with a contact above her to escalate the matter, she did not respond. She repeatedly insists that WSIB is preventing things from moving forward. I have contacted WSIB and they said there is nothing further that Assured needs from them. I have cc'd members of the Assured management team on my emails, but they have not responded. What are my rights in this case? What are my options? What am I owed? Should I find an employment lawyer? Any guidance would be appreciated.
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