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Hi, I have been on LTD for 3.5 years from a traumatic brain injury I suffered outsidethe workplace. I subsequently have a bunch of other diagnoses for depression, neurovisual and vestibular problems, chronic migraine, etc and many things including weather trigger intense pain, migraine, cognitive fatigue and cognitive collapse. I have a new case manager and have been informed that they may have others who may benefit my recovery and I am to attend a one-time assessment by an OT or physiotherapist. Is this an IME? I already have an OT on my care team, and many others. If I read more than a page, it triggers intense "brain pain" and takes me down forn2+ days; scrolling on and beight screens trigger also. I have visual and vestibular issues and more. Using my brain literally hurts and I cannot undergo cognitive stress for more than an hour a day some times less, without exacerbating my symptoms either in the immediateor for days following. I have major short term memory problems too so I won't remember what was said, or what I said in the IME. How do I have these issues addressed before the IME? Can I refuse to do further tests if my brain starts to hurt when I'm there? Can I bring another person with me to witness given my memory problems? Can I tape, video and/or audio the sessions? A brain injury isn't readily visible to onlookers, and my specialist has me on a points-program to plan and pace to avoid this taxing of my brain and the multi-day total shut down after the fact. Does the IME have to recognize and adhere to these restrictions? Pushing me further will result in multi-day migraines, extreme brain pain and a total shut down of function where I am in bed for days and days and often to the hospital for pain management intervention. What can I request and put in place to limit this outcome? And, how do I get these outcomes on my health after the assessment(s) documented? I know this because I do it to myself when I push myself too far, often not seen at the time, but a hefty process paid after.
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