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Hi. I am writing to get advice as to whether or not I should appeal my insurance company ‘s decisionto deny my application for short term disability. On November 2 I saw my doctor who advises me to take some leave from work due to the amount of stress I was under. I forwarded the doctor’s note to the HR department at my work and they said if I was going to be off for more than 5 days in a row I would have to apply for short term disability. The doctor made some suggestions to help me cope with the stress which I have followed. In the doctors’s for note she advised that she would review my situation on November 17th. On November 17th the doctor suggested I take two more weeks leave and that I should plan to go back to work on December 7th. The stress causing my absence will be gone by then and I agreed to her recommendation. Shortly after my file was sent to Organizational Solutions Inc. for approval of my STD application, I got a call from a girl in their office. It was a 2 minute conversation and the next day they advised that my claim was denied. They mentioned that among other things that my claim was not a type of injury that required a short term disability claim and that I had not followed the doctor’s instructions. I told them that I didn’t agree with the decision and that I would appeal. But I have no idea how to appeal (I’ve never been away from work this long) as I haven’t done this before. And after thinking about it, maybe my claim isn’t suitable for a STD claim but it was our HR department that told me to go this route. Can you help me out at all. I can give you more details later if you like. Thank you.
My LTD started in November 2019. I will turn 65 in February of 2021 and my disability payments will end. I am receiving CPP as part of my LTD. This is a rather complex issue. In February 2020 I was told by my Director in Toronto to not hurry or return to work unless I was 100% as my position had been filled and I did not need to be concerned for my job. I tried to return to work in March of 2020 on a part time basis but could not deal with the hostile work environment of my new boss and the directions I was given for my new role upon returning. I was not returning to my regular position and was asked to sit in the warehouse and watch over 1 employee. I was also told to not contact any of our customers. The company gave no consideration for my medical issue that has me on disability and were requiring me to be at the office 2 to 3 days per week. I did not feel this was appropriate as with my age and medical condition I am in the high risk group. All of my medical appointments were cancelled due to the pandemic and all treatment was stopped and only in the past month have I been able to see my doctors and therapists. As a result I am still facing 2 surgeries for my shoulder hopefully by February of 2021. As of now my company does not answer my emails and it appears to me that they want for me to just quietly go away and disappear. There is much more to the hostile work environment as the working conditions caused me to see a multiple physiatrists and I was taking medication and under care for approximately 3 years. The company has done many questionable things in my view to include taking unused vacation from me without reimbursement as well as changing my job description with the requirement that I am always available to support our 24/7 field technicians in the event they need assistance at any day or hour of the week. This is without any financial compensation. I did question this and was told to just do it. What are my options for when my LTD ends. Is there any way to extend my benefits? Does my company owe me any severance? If I return what protection do I have against termination. How does all of this play out when considering the work environment I was working in and the toll this has taken on me personally? My apologies for the rambling nature of this letter.
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