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On LTD for just over a year and already insurance co. says I have to apply for CPP Disability. I thought it was after 2 years? Also, CPPD is taxable so I think I will get less in total? Paperwork they sent also insists I sign to say I will appeal if rejected by CPPD. If I did get rejected twice, will they be able to ask me for their LTD back since will be retroactive to some month? Also, I'm over 60 so eligible for regular CPP. Do I have to apply for that or can leave it? very confused and worried about asking these questions to insurer in case they give me extra stress! stroke recovering still.

Yes generally claimants are told by their insurer to apply for CPP Disability after a year, but it depends on what your specific LTD policy states and your insurance company. It's a good idea to apply for CPP Disability for various reasons, not the least of which is that if you are cut off by your insurer at some point in the future, while we fight them you will have an income stream coming in from CPP Disability. Generally CPP Disability is taxable income. In terms of whether you will need to appeal a CPP Disability denial, again it depends on what your specific LTD policy states. Generally policies I have encountered don't require you to appeal.

Your confusion and concern is very understandable. It's unfortunate that insurance companies cause claimants like yourself so much stress. Remember that you have a lot more power than you think you do and that your insurer can't do whatever it wants to you. It must treat you fairly and they can't demand of you anything that is not expressly stated in the LTD policy.

If you are cut off or told that your LTD benefits will be cut off at any point, contact me at my phone number or email below and we will help.

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