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Hello... Uuuuhhhh..... I am really in a financial limbo.... I honestly don't have two-nickles to rub together and I am in ordinary debt as most people.... I might even get taken to Small Claims..... I cannot believe this is happening after -24- years of working.... Like most Canadians I am apart of that group that actually lives pay-check-to-paycheck and I would not attempt to live above my means.... If I don't get a check of at least $2000 or as much as $2500 from Purolator Ltd. or Sun Life Short Term Disability or get on Long Term..... I won't be to pay for a monthly March pass.... Purchase Groceries... I cannot believe how I have been sucker-punched by the discomfort in my knees because as a kid I would walkabout everywhere..... I cannot driver because of visual difficulties.... I asking for a Hand-up -- not a Hand-Out...... This is really bad..... I have always been a worker....

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