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What happens if you have suffered a physical injury that leaves you only able to work a partial work load? The LTD provider covered the claim but when return to work plan didn't go as they had planned the claimant was cut off. With insurer stating there is no reason for not being able to work full time. The claimant's Doctor agrees that patient can only work reduced hours due to the nature of the injury and provided that documentation in writing. How can they just cut this person off? If successful in a claim against this company what could be expected?

If the claimant is unable to return to work then they should be allowed to go back on LTD. LTD policies have recurrence provisions that specifically contemplate this kind of a situation. If the doctor says that the person can't work their job because of their disability then the person should be able to go back on LTD. Please contact me directly about your situation and we can discuss your legal options for free. My email and phone number are below.
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