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I am currently receiving LTD from Manulife via my employer's plan. I was diagnosed with a Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety disorder. I have been under the care of my family doctor and psychiatrist when it comes to medication. I would like to return to work, but I am just not there yet. The insurance company called me today and informed me that I am to return to work on September 30th, even though my LTD is not up until December 19th. Now, to the best of my knowledge, my family doctor has not given approval or clearance for me to return to work, as nothing has been discussed with me on a specific date. We have spoken generally about the reality of returning but no specific discussion on a date. Do I need clearance from my doctor or can the insurance set that date by themselves? How do I proceed from here? Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I always advise people not to go back to work without medical clearance. If you are cut off despite that call or email me at my contact info below and we will do everything we can to help.
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