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Hi I am currently on LTD for PTSD resulting from a violent armed robbery at work where I am the head teller. GWL insurance now wants me to sign several forms for application to CPPD. My question is should I sign the form giving them the right to appoint one of their representatives to act as my advocate to appeal my case if my CPPD is denied or is that when I would come to you for help? I understand from your representative that took my call it is alright to sign Consent to deduct and pay insurer and consent for service and insurer to communicate as this is the natural order of things. Can you confirm this as well? Thank you for your time.

There is nothing wrong in my view in letting the insurer appoint someone to act for you to get CPPD. That could potentially be to your advantage down the road if the insurer decides to cut you off benefits. But every case is specific and must be decided on its own facts. If your insurer at some point cuts you off or stops your benefits unjustly please call or email me ASAP and we will help.
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