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I am presently on LTD after tearing my rotator cuff at work i was on WSIB for 6 months and they said i hade the same injury 12 years ago and closed my claim. I appealed it and stayed on light duties the same person that denied it the first time also denied it the second time so i withdrew my appeal and they put me on STD and then LTD. Unfortunately waiting to see the surgeon i had a accident (Fall on ice) and tore my other shoulder in which i reported to the insurance company. I finally saw the surgeon and he said both shoulders would need surgery. I then developed a degenerated hip and saw a surgeon and a hip replacement was needed in contacting the shoulder surgeon he said to wait until I had my hip replaced. I had my hip replaced Dec 13 and am in recovery under the care of the surgeon and my family doctor. I am coming up to 2 years on LTD and was informed that my claim may be closed I still require surgery on my shoulders. They said i can not return to my old job because it is a physical job but capable of sitting at a desk so I am employable. Can they close my claim when i am still under my doctors care and still require shoulder surgery ?
Thank you
James Smith

Your fears are justified. If you’re unable to work in any occupation for which you have education, training or experience then you should remain on LTD beyond the 2 year mark. If they tell you that you’ll be cut off let me know ASAP and we will help. My contact info is below.
Sivan Tumarkin
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