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What are my options if my employer and Blue Cross came up with a GRTW plan that did not make any attempt to accommodate my doctor’s recommendations? Literally, the had no real plan except that I could come up with my own plan (basically let them know if I was overwhelmed at any time, and pick my own assignments). Should I try it out and is there a deadline to tell them it’s not working for me?

The return to work plan must take into account your doctor's recommendations. If it doesn't take your doctor's recommendations into account and you and your doctor don't believe that the plan they put in place is appropriate for you, you should state your concerns. It's up to you if you want to try it but my advice is always to listen to your doctor's recommendations. If that means not participating in the return to work program in your situation and the insurer cuts you off because of it, we will help. Listen to your doctor and follow his or her advice and recommendations. My contact info is below if you need assistance.
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