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I was off work from Sep. 2017 and returned on Dec. 3 2019 from acute or chronic pancreatitis. I am unsure because my specialist was unclear and is no longer here in Sudbury. I returned to work because I was feeling alot better and I have not had an attack since August. On Jan. 20 this year I had to go to emerge because I been feeling ill for about two weeks. The Dr informed I have pancreatitis and to fast for three days gave me a doctor's note for 7 day off and to return to check my levels in a week. In one episode I have used all my sick days and now feel at risk of losing my job. Note I was off for more than two years on long term disability through Manulife for constant pancreatitis attacks. I just need advice on what routes are available.

Most LTD policies have a "recurrence" provision which means that if within a certain period of time you have to go back on LTD you should be able to without waiting the original elimination period (or waiting period that you had to at the beginning). If you try to go back on LTD and the insurer refuses to put you back on let me know ASAP and we will discuss your legal options. My contact info is below.
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