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Hi. I have been off work since June 2018. My first year was covered by STD and now I am on my plans LTD coverage of 60% of wage. My application for both STD And LTD were approved without any real issues. I am off on anxiety and panic attack issues. I have 25 years of service at my company and we have a defined pension plan I have been contributing into the whole time. My LTD also is making payments into the plan for me. I know at the 2 year mark of LTD the test for qualification changes from Own job to Any job. My concern is that as a non-union employee I might be missing critical advice during my current LTD status that could assist at the end of the 2 year period. I'm afraid that when that time comes I will simply be cut off and left out to dry. Are there options I can take to lessen that outcome? Thank you so much.

If you remain disabled from working at any occupation for which you have training, education or experience and your doctors confirm this, then you should NOT be cut off at the 2 year mark. If you are cut off or told that you will be cut off, email or call me ASAP and we will help. Make sure that your doctors or whoever is treating you continues to provide updates to the insurer about your ongoing disability and inability to work in the meantime.
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