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I was in an MVA in 2016. Sustained lower back injuries, anxiety surrounding the chronic pain and fibromyalgia triggered from it. I’ve worked the entire time and am still in litigation with ICBC. Over the past 2-3 years my sons were diagnosed with severe and life threatening medical conditions and am now suffering from debilitating anxiety, depression, and have some additional health issues not related to the MVA. I am in the process of applying for long term through my works group plan with RBC. My doctors agrees the reason I’m off has nothing to do with the MVA and we both agree I would not be off but for these new sets of circumstances/Illness, but know Ltd will try to spin it that way. I am worried that 1) they will deny me based on pre-existing conditions or saying it wS due to the MVA or 2) that they will approve and then put in a subregation claim....making me pay back any money they give me even though it’s not related. Any advice with how to proceed? I’ve disclosed all my medical conditions (MVA related or not) as they have access to my records anyways but the nature and cause of illness I’ve stipulated is non MVA related. Dealing with two insurance companies is making everything worse. Thoughts/advice?

I am very sorry for what you and your family have gone through. My advice is to do exactly what you are doing. Be as truthful as you can be and as you have been. If you get denied, let me know ASAP and we can discuss your legal options at no charge. My contact info is below.
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