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My mother has been on short term disability for deterioration of her mental health. She has recently been denied for LTD due to the following reasons 1) did not comply with treatment offered 2) not an acute/ new illness and has previously been able to manage her employment 3) the main reason for her inability to work is due to her spouses health and her caring for him is considered a 'lifestyle choice'. Her treating psychiatrist does not feel that these reasons are accurate and has encouraged her to appeal the denial.
She is feeling defeated and does not have the capacity at times to process all of this information and deal with challenges of her employer. And now has the stress of no income.
Would appreciate your thought?

We help people like your mother every single day. The truth is that it’s not difficult to challenge the insurance company’s denial but I need to see the denial letter and medical reports to properly assess your mother’s legal rights. Please contact me at my number or email below and we will help. Thank you for looking out for your mother.
Sivan Tumarkin
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