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Hi, I have been on long term dissibility with GWL Canada for 4 years. Things have been smooth to date, however they recently asked me to do new assessments with specialists. It seems out of the blue as they haven't asked for much in the last 2 years.

Can GWL ask me to see specialist anytime they want? I have been open and accomodating since the beginning, but I do wonder if I will always have to be.


They can have you assessed but they can't ask you to attend unlimited assessments. I need to understand how many assessments you've already done and with whom. Consider, however, that regardless of the answer, if you refuse to do their assessments they may consider that non-compliance with your policy and threaten to cut off your benefits. That said, your policy should contain provisions on their right to ask for an assessment. My contact info is below if you want to reach out to me directly.
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