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I'm on long term disability and they ha e transferred the file 3 times now my payment for december was not sent and they are trying to say I'm not answering their phone calls which is not true if been providing medical documentation to this date and they say they can not read them then the new case worker said he barely has anything in the file . They want me to send everything again to them and are treating me unfairly I'm still injured and have been waiting for a doc not for a while now to provide to them as well it just came through and I got it faxed to them right away meanwhile I'm still making new appointments to get better new treatment and have asked that that be sent to them as well. To show that I'm complying with treatment. I have asked for the address all day over voice mail no contact back and no one told me anything in regards to the new case worker I had to call when no money arrived what are my rights and where did my medical documentation go it's not in my file or they say it's not legible. Thank you

This is very unfair to you and should not happen. Please call or email me at my contact info below and we can discuss your legal options.
Sivan Tumarkin
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