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The LCBO is now using the Reedgroup to review my situation. I'm represented by a union but don't feel that I'm getting good advise. LCBO is my part time employment. I was off from 2017 and just returned April 2019 on an accommodation ( only work 5 hours per week and commute no longer then 25 minutes from home ) My illness is depression. My doctor just sent the ReedGroup all medical notes dating back to 2017. As a casual, the contract states that we need to be available for work Fridays, 5:30PM to close, Saturdays and Sundays. If the ReedGroup suggest that I see another Doctor for another opinion, can I refuse? Can I limit how long I want to allow the ReedGroup to review my case? Can the LCBO terminate my employment for not cooperating with the ReedGroup?

You don’t have to see another doctor for treatments unless your disability policy expressly states that you must. Generally disability policies don’t require that if you are getting necessary treatments elsewhere. In terms of your employment, it is illegal to terminate an employee on disability in Ontario.
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