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My insurance company has informed me that my LTD benefits will end after 24 months. Although they recognize that I am unable to return to my current
occupation ,they feel that I am capable of performing another(any) occupation. This is despite some of the following recomendation from the IME.
"I feel a return to work attempt at this time is likely to fail,and induce a setback in his recovery. I would recommend awaiting the outcome of his upcoming scan and a clinical review and therapy plan by his headache specialist"
I plan to appeal their decision
I have contacted my employer about a part time return to work plan but with the restrictions and limitations outlined by my doctor on my Fitness Asseement Form I am not confident that my employer will be able to find suitable employment for me and I will be terminated
If my appeal is denied and I am terminated because my employer is unable to provide a suitable RTW plan due to my limitations and restrictions, am I eligible for severance? I am 54 years old and have 24 years of service

Thank you

Do NOT appeal. Appeals are absolutely useless and will frustrate you. You need legal advice ASAP on both the disability and employment fronts. Call or email me at my contact info below and we can chat (at no cost). You need to understand your legal options or you risk falling into their trap.
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