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The insurance company had me complete a cpp disability application, and advised it would take 4-6 months to get a response. At the same time I was asked to complete a questionnaire on my work experience, qualifications and include a resume, for when my "change of definition " occurs which was 18 months away when they requested it. In the meantime, they are asking me for updates, and complete questionnaires. Do they ask everyone on LTD to apply for cpp disability? If not, then are they just trying to wear me down with the repeated questions? Also, I have been notified that I have another new case manager, this will make #4. Is this acceptable, basically having to start over, catching them up on my file? Thank you

Your questions are excellent and I can only imagine how frustrating this all must be. To answer the CPP Disability question, that is normal. They want you to apply because if you get CPPD then they get a credit for that. Keep providing the medical updates to them and apply for CPPD. If at any point they cut you off or give you problems with your claim, call or email me directly at my contact info below. We will help.
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