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Initial denial was for one reason , I understood had a 2nd case piles of mri X-ray doctor / specialist reports / all new exactly everything that I could leave no loop holes, complete truth ,effort..
I’m a grade 12 teacher. Union . But now the insurance company put surveillance on e for 5days. Starting on my sons bday which they’d known to be truthful they don’t have shit and the reports are not even factual, they say my reported level Of functioning is not is with there obsetved level of functioning . Every pic is on my driveway of porch doing nothing but bless the Investors it’s there job they just suck at it and now a single mom 4kids not payment of any kind in a year and a half snd I feel uneasy even though these are union lawyers , union represents, Insurance company my file, arbitration, made for us as union members but the catch is every body is getting paid but myself the teacher...

This is immoral, I got kids all under 11- nothing paid to me ina year and a half and after giving them what they asked for regarding doctors files, notes , pictures.. I was not kidding anything. Except pretending to be well for a half hour while it makes my son happy for his bday. My father drove us to the chiropractor I my son I gave him the day to stay home. We left my dad stopped at the mall 5mins from my house me my dad n son went into eb games and was back in the car n my dad drove home.i wasn’t well. So my dad took my son out for lunch so I could sleep to be ready go Readyfir the other 3 coming

Dear Carol, I am very sorry for all that you are going through. Insurance companies often act unfairly and you are definitely describing such behavior. I am not clear if they had cut you off now or not. If they have then we can help you. If they haven't and you are seeking advice on how to deal with them, my best advice is for you to continue focusing on getting better and if the insurer does something that contravenes your LTD policy, such as stopping your payments, contact me ASAP and we will help. My number and email are below.
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