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I was hurt at work 6 years ago on the job went to hospital and got to see a Dr and examined told i have sports injury ,but they did not fill in WSIB form they do not do at hospital that it is there policy they said,so i had to report it myself ,i was told that they are suppose to do it there at hospital its the law ,so i have not gotten any WSIB payments and i have a union that i told this to and they are still dragging there feet has of yet,and it was not a sport injury it is a injury that still as not healed .Could not get LTD was denied and told i have to give my WSIB file to them before they were to give me anything in the mean while my Dr said i was completely disable to work permanently with my injury almost three years ago ,sent them my papers that i was disable to LTD company with Dr s diagnose and they never replied ,So nothing from WSIB and i thought i would get something from LTD till it got settled with WSIB but was denied and not given any response from LTD to this day . Thank you for taking time to read this hard times for me to this day . I am writing this information for my son he is a bit depressed and having hard time dealing with this issue

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