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I have been on LTD with Great West Life from 1999 and also collecting CPPD from 2001. Every few years they ask for an income report and I give them my initial CPPD payment and not the COLA increase. But this time they asked me for a copy of T4 which I can’t find so I gave them the actual amount that includes the COLA. They now are asking me to call CPP and ask them what type of benefit it is, what the initial amount is and a schedule of payments since inception. I thought that Ltd insurers were NOT entitled to the COLA increase? This is causing me a lot of anxiety. I’m worried they will ask for all this money back! What are my options. My Ltd will end in 5 years when I turn 65.

It depends on the exact wording of your LTD policy but if your policy entitles the LTD insurer to a credit for any amounts you receive from CPP Disability, that would likely include the COLA increases as well. If the insurer asks for a repayment you may need to re-pay or workout a payment plan whereby they reduce your monthly LTD amount by a certain amount until the prior owed amounts are paid in full. But again, it depends on the exact wording of your LTD policy which will stipulate what the insurer is entitled to get by way of credit.
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