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I am on a gradual return to work plan. I returned on Sept 16,2019. My short term disability runs out on October 7, 2019. The reason I was off for this long was because it took the Doctors a long time to diagnose my illness. I have the following diagnose’: Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety disorder, Raynouds, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, palmar plantar psoriasis and more. I became very ill and could not keep any food down and went down to 94lbs from 135lbs while they were trying to figure out what was wrong. I had gastric bypass over 15 years ago so this is what Dr thought it was. An Endocrinologist, after many tests diagnosed Canibinoid Hyperemisis Syndrome which is very rare. I was on medical marijuana which allowed me to cut down on pain medication and to stop taking sleeping meds. I am no longer able to use this medication. My body was malnourished and my nutrient levels were such that I became very ill. My anxiety was so high I was unable to do many daily tasks.
My return to work is going okay. I am extremely exhausted after working 6 hours. It will take me awhile to get up to full time if I can even do this. The situation causing the STD has been dealt with best it could. However I am on more pain meds and again a sleep med with high side effects. I can’t afford to work part time long enough to return to full time. I need LTD to cover the time I am not able to yet but I think I can in time. How does applying for LTD when started a gradual return? What if can’t get back to full time ever with more layers of health issues? I would appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you

Unfortunately if you are working you will likely won’t be able to qualify for long term disability but you can certainly try and apply for it.
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