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Good afternoon,

I have been on long term disability for several years now through GWL as well as CPP disability. I have been battling several debilitating conditions for approximately 10 years now, been on LTD approx 4 years. A year ago , I learned that I was unexpectedly pregnant. This came as a huge shock as I was told I could not have children. I haven’t had any issues with either GWL or CPP disability at all, however I can’t help but feel nervous about this unexpected life altering situation I am in now. Can anything happen to me financially with either as a result of a pregnancy or having a child? This may seem like a very irrational question, but being on LTD feels scary at the best of times, and the thought of something like this affecting the little financial stability I do have right now is worrisome and I’m looking for a little peace of mind. It’s challenging enough coping with my illness and now a pregnancy on top of it. Any answer / advice would be greatly appreciated.

It shouldn’t affect your LTD. The test for you to get LTD remains the same and it seems that you’ve qualified for it for the last few years do nothing on that end should change. However, if at any point there is an issue and you need help understanding your options, call or email me directly. My contact info below. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
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