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My friend has been on LTD for a year (also receiving CPPD). Her illness is difficult to manage or treat. She's not medically able to return to work yet. In the year she's been on LTD, the file has been passed from advisor to advisor which has created additional stressors on top of dealing with the illness. The latest person handling the file told her that in a year's time the change in definition from own occupation comes into effect, so they need her employment history now as they want to begin the process for a transferable skills assessment. She is stressed and upset as she believes they may be looking to cut off payments. She understands she has to provide information like this when they request it. She plans to include a note stating that she's not able to return to work and is only providing it because they have asked. (She let her treatment provider know about the request so that they are aware.) Is there anything else she should do at this point. Thank you.

Your friend has every reason to be concerned about being cut off in the next year or so. The signs are all there that the insurer will try to pressure her to return to work. She needs to make sure her doctors state on their update letters for the insurer that due to her disability she is unable to return to ANY occupation at the present time. That’s absolutely key. If despite that the insurer continues to pressure her to start gearing up for a return to work please contact us or have her contact us at our number or email below and we can advise further. The reality is that if she truly is unable to work because of her disability and her doctors support her being off work then the insurer is absolutely wrong to coerce her against medical advice.
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