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Hello, thank you for your help. What do I do if I feel my employer did not try hard enough to accommodate my doctor’s accommodation request? They are a big firm with plenty of resources. I went on leave from a new job for depression. My doctors all recommended that I be put back in my old job for 6 months and then return to my new job afterwards. My disability provider verbally told me this request would never have been approved because “temporary becomes permanent” and they will look into their policy. My current manager told that he asked my old manager (same firm) if I could return to my old job and she said “No, we don’t have the budget and the position is filled.” I know my old job as a compliance manager had a whole team with the same role. I also am wondering why HR did not go to my old manager to make the formal request, or come up with a creative solution. Thank you again.

The issue of accommodation by the employer is a very serious one. It is a factual issue which depends on each case. If your employer fails to accommodate you then you may have a legal claim against your employer. We have employment lawyers who can advise you regarding your options in this regard. Feel free to contact my directly at my contact info below and I will put you in touch with them to discuss your situation.
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