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Hello. My new case worker keeps pressuring me to have an interview “tomorrow”, I know I have to comply with the interview (she said medical update), but does it have to be on her timeframe? Or can I dictate that as I need to prepare my updates and mental state? (have huge anxiety over this) Are there any things I can say to let them know they cannot bully me, such as my legal counsel advises I have someone with me during the call? Or, anything else? Would this help or make me look “difficult”? Thank you!

You should have someone with you for support. They should not bully you. It’s normal to be anxious about this but remember that you have a lot of power. They can’t cut you off for no reason. Record whatever happens in the interview and make a record of it (write what is said down). Don’t panic. This happens frequently. If your doctors confirm that you can’t work then they can’t legally cut you off unless you reach the end of the policy age. Most policies end at age 65. If they cut you off before then, or tell you that they will cut you off for any reason, call or email me ASAP and we will help. My contact info is below.
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