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I broke my my left wrist August 2019. Cast was removed October 2 2019. I have limited use or function of my hand, as well have been diagnosed with Complex regional pain syndrome. I am an administrative assistant - I type 5 - 7 hours per day. I have not worked since the injury. I also attend Occupational therapy 2X per week and Physiotherapy 1X to 3X per week. My orthopedic surgeon has recommended a further 10 weeks of time off from work. The insurance company and my employer are proposing part time work doing some aspects of my job that they feel I could do with one hand. Can they force me to return to work at this time even though my surgeon has recommended a further period of rehab and I am not able to use both hands for a job that requires both hands?

No they can't force you to go back especially if your doctors say that you need time off. Simply tell them that your doctors advised you against going back at this point and that you will not go back against medical advice. If they fire you or don't pay you disability let me know and we will do our best to help. My contact info is below.
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