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Just recently got approved LTD in B.C. through my employer with GWL. I have received 2 payments but realized that I may need to declare ''other declarable income'' for I am collecting a small municipal pension from my employment years ago. Does this pension count for Overpayment? I do not get income tax taken from the source of this income for I declare it every taxation year. Will the insurance company deduct the total amount of my pension check before tax? Looks like I am over the 15 day reporting period. I should get on to this right away. Thank you.

You should check with your insurer if this constitutes other income for which the insurer may get credit. If they say that they get a credit for it, ask the insurer to show you where in the LTD policy it says that. Don’t just take their word for it. If this becomes an issue let me know and we can discuss your legal options. My contact info is below.
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