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My LTD 24 months mark is coming up soon. It changes from own occupation to any occupation. I am still struggling with my anxiety and depression with my Crohn's disease and colostomy (which now has a hernia too), that I am unable to return to full time work. My doctor thinks I need to work part time to reduce my stress levels and anxiety. How do I share that with my insurance company to pay me the difference, as I would like to work but can not handle the full-time workload. Do insurance companies do a "top off" where they will supplement the difference of my work to the amount paid during the 24 months?

Some LTD policies do allow for top ups but some take a credit for any income you earn so you need to get a copy of your specific policy and review its provisions. If you run into problems where the insurer tries to cut you off for any reason, make sure to contact me ASAP at my number or email below and we will help.
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