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I have been on LTD for a few years and was recently terminated from my job due to frustration of contacted. I was provided severance and forwarded this amount to my insurance company. The insurance company is now asking me to send them a. Cheque My question is should they just put my monthly payment on hold for the 31 weeks I was paid versed making me pay them?

First, you should check your policy (or ask your case manager for the terms they are relying on) regarding the insurer's right to deduct severance from your LTD payments.

Assuming they have a direct deduction right under the policy, they would have a right to ask for that money to be paid from your severance payment, yes. That said, you can certainly ask if they would be willing to deduct what you owe them from future LTD payments, instead of demanding it all at once now - but they are typically not under any duty to agree to that.
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