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I am on LTD (a year in) and the last ten weeks I have been going to physio therapy, as a means to get back to work. I’ve exhausted the physio benefit I’m entitled to annually. The insurance company paid the last six week. The physio assessment is saying I require 8-12 more weeks of physio in order to return to my job safely. Insurance says they are not paying for more physio. Insurance wants me to do a gradual return and in their words, use work to get stronger. It was complicated hip replacement. A fused hip since 1981, was converted to a replacement Jan of 2020. I have Lupus and history of polymyositis (muscle tissue loss) that makes my recovery slower. GP, rheumatologist and orthopaedic surgeon all agree with physio assessment of 8-12 more weeks of therapy. Can the insurance company force me back to work and ignore the recommendation of the physio therapist they sent me to?

No they absolutely can not force you back to work if you are still disabled. Please call or email me at my contact info below and we can discuss your legal options at no charge.
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