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All my testing was done in Vancouver. Mri, eeg, cat scan blood tests. I moved beacause I couldn’t work and had to move I couldn’t afford my place. Will I have problems getting my medical records from a different health regions. Iam still in Bc. #2 I may have something very bad called multiple system autrophy this will not show up on mri, eeg, cat scan or blood test. There is no test for this. The only 100% way to confirm this is autopsy at death. When should I go after a settlement payout. If I wait a couple years I might not be able to talk to pursue this. I will need settlement for specialized care, hospice care, as this thing. Takes everything , wheel chair bound, can’t eat, feeding tube etc.etc #3 would moving have a negative outlook on my claim? I wasn’t going to involve insurance but I took a spin for the worse in February and it was clear my initial stress diagnosis was mot what it is. I suffer everyday with this . It’s taken my whole life away from me. I have a job here waiting. I can’t take it beacause of this situation. I haven’t worked in 7 months now beacause of this illness. Iam diagnosed. Conversion disorder. With the possibility it’s multiple system autrophy. There is no treatment or cure for multiple system autrophy. Iam waiting to get better from conversion disorder or waiting to get worse with multiple system autrophy.

1. You will have to contact your health regions re: getting medical records as that's not something we can assist with.
2. If you are referring to LTD, we generally don’t recommend asking for a settlement. Your insurer will get suspicious of it and more often than not, they don’t do it anyways.
3. You should look at your LTD policy to determine if you are able to move while on LTD. Generally you are able to move within the province, but oftentimes a policy will restrict out of province or country travel. Refer to your specific policy for details or ask your adjuster

If you have access to an LTD policy and have not applied, we recommend doing so ASAP. If you have any issues, let us know. Our contact information can be found below.
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