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My son is employed by the Liquor Distribution Branch in Vancouver, BC. He has been off work since December due to a substance abuse problem (he is an alcoholic). The doctor who diagnosed him for the LDB has stipulated that he must attend a 60 day residential treatment program before he can return to work. He is an Auxiliary employee so he does not have benefits. His total income last year was $22,000. There is no way he can afford a residential treatment program which he has been told will cost between $7,000 - $10,000. And now with Covid, the wait lists are between 6-12 months. He has been to a 7 day Detox program (in April), but is struggling with continuing treatment of his addiction. How can the LDB demand something that he cannot afford as a condition of him returning to work?

All he needs is for his own doctor to clear him to return. If his doctor says that his condition is sufficiently under control so that he can work, they have to take him back.
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