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I signed a reimbursement agreement with Great West Life. I have been on disability for 5 years. I appealed twice with CPP disability and was just qualified, and my insurance company wants the money reimbursed to them. However, the agreement I signed was to reimburse "Great West Life." But, the company is now called "Canada Life". They want me to pay them the full reimbursement , but first they want me to sign another reimbursement agreement they say is "updated" that says Canada Life now. Am I still liable for this reimbursement if it says a different company name on the agreement? Do I have to sign another new agreement?

If it's the same company then there shouldn't be any issues with the new agreement/reimbursing Canada Life. Perhaps, for your own peace of mind, contact your adjuster and get in writing (email) from them that you should only be reimbursing Canada Life and that Great West Life is no longer required to be reimbursed. Having that in writing from your adjuster will confirm exactly what your obligations are.
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