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If I return to work gradually from LTD and CPPd and that attempt is failed what happens? I am a pharmacist, 64 years old and worked for the same company 18 years. I was told by the lawyer that without returning to work I am not entitled to severance pay because of the frustration...If I work 1 day first week, then 2 days second week and so on will insurance pay the days that I am not working? Can severance pay be considered if they fire me because of poor performance?

First, you should check your LTD policy's recurrent disability terms. They will give some insight on the impact of returning to work.

As for whether the insurer will pay you a "top-up" during your graduated return, again, you should check your policy for partial disability terms; but even if you don't have partial disability benefits, you may be able to set-up an insurer-approved graduated return to work program, during which you are paid a top up (but they need to agree to it).

As for the employment-/severance-related questions, you should speak to your current lawyer about same; or contact our employment branch (this is of course the insurance/disability branch).
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