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I have been off work since January 2020 because I had restrictions from my doctor (no standing, no walking, needs to sit) and my workplace (a manufacturing company) said they could not accommodate me with those restrictions and to go off on Short term disability, which I did. My benefits company deemed me "totally disabled" from my workplace and transferred me to Long term disability after a year, but only for another maximum of 2 years because I am capable of other types of employment (sitting in an office). When I do get another job and "quit" at my workplace, am I entitled to severance pay because they basically forced me to get another job?

Thank you for your question. Firstly, if you and your doctors do not believe that you are able to return to work in a different position, please contact us asap to discuss your rights and options.
Regarding your question, as it is rooted in employment law, I recommend that you contact our employment team. Your employer does generally have a duty to accommodate you and if they refuse, you may have a human rights or employment law claim against them. Our employment lawyers will also be able to tell you about any applicable severance entitlements. You can reach our employment team at: 1-855-821-5900. Please note, if you are unionized, you will need to speak with your union as external employment lawyers have no jurisdiction to be able to assist in unionized matters
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