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I am a long-time Ontario government employee (15+years) who has been on LTD for 4 years - PTSD, Depression and GAD. about 2 years ago, my doctor proposed to manulife a graduated return to work proposal to limit risk of relapse. Employer came back and said they could accommodate my return to work with modified duties within the same, small department I left 4 years ago. Doctor said this would not be in my best interest for recovery - she recommended that to go back to work, it must not be the same office or department I left. Too much pressure - open concept - panic etc.. employer said they could not accommodate my return to work. fast forward to now - insurance company is asking Dr. if I am fully disabled for job i held as a senior communications advisor in the ontario goverment. Doctor doesn't know what to say that will be in my best interest? I don't believe the insurance company has pressured the employer enough to find a solution.

Why are they trying to get my doctor to say that I'm disabled for my old job? I did apply for disability through the federal government 2 years ago and was denied.

Are there any benefits to my saying that I'm partially or fully disabled?

I sincerely thank you for your time.


Your insurer can't force your insurer to accommodate you. That said, your employer has a duty to accommodate you and if they don't then you may have legal recourse against them. If you are a unionized employee then your union should be helping. If you're not unionized and your employer is not accommodating you, email or call me at my contact info below and we will chat about your legal options.

In terms of what your doctor should write, the answer is simple: the truth. It's not about what's better for you, but rather what the doctor believes is the situation. If your doctor believes that you are fully disabled from working then he or she write that. Otherwise if the doctor's opinion is that you can do work with accommodations, he or she should write that. The truth is what matters. All that said, if your doctor says that you can do work, with accommodation, your insurer may then say that you are no longer disabled under your LTD policy, and cut off your benefits.

If your insurer stops your benefits and you are unable to go back to work, let me know ASAP and we will help. My phone number and email are below.
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