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hi, so I’ve been on long-term disability for about three years now and have had definite hurdles with this insurance company. But my question is I went and got an independent medical assessment done on my own which I paid for and submitted it that to them. My long-term disability was approved an additional four months. So now a few months later they are saying that they want me to do an independent medical evaluation. So why would I have to do two of those? I did one of my own and paid for myself.My guess is that they want someone that they know will put my assessment in their favor. Anyways just wondering what your thoughts are on that on if I can say that I won’t be doing it because I already did one. Thanks

The insurer has the right to request that you seek an Independent Medical Assessment from a medical professional of their choosing. You likely will need to attend to comply with your LTD policy requirements. If you want more information, please feel free to reach out to me at and I can provide you with more details (at no charge).

If your insurer tries to end your benefits as a result of this assessment, or you run into any issues, contact us ASAP.
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