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I have been on long term disability for over 2 years. I was asked by the insurance to apply for Canada Pension Plan disability Benefits a while back. It was approved. In March of this year I received a cheque for over $21,000 retroactive back to 2020 and January February and March of this year. I continue to receive pension plan disability benefits. The insurance company continues to pay me the same amount of over $3000 per month. My question is am I responsible to let the insurance company know about my pension plan disability benefits money I have received or will the insurance company find out on their own? And once they know, will I have to pay back this money to the insurance company? Thank you

You should let your insurer know. They are entitled to the retroactive CPPD pay as well as credit for ongoing CPPD you receive monthly. If you don't clear this up now they may reach out to you in the future and ask for repayment.
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