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I've been on long-term disability for 10 years I'm permanently disabled my employer has a policy which requires my specialty trade to renew a occupational license. Because of my disability this license has expired thus my employer has notified me that I'm going to be terminated because of my expired occupational specialty license. My question is can they do that to me while I'm disabled I have the potential of losing my long-term disability because I'm in a group plan and I could also lose my benefits for medications which I rely on to stay alive do they have the right to do this my understanding is I'm on LTD till the end of 65 what does my eyespecialty occupational license have to do if I'm not able to obtain it due to my disability. My employer has notified me that they may be terminated me because they don't have this specialty license.

Thank you for your questions. If it is not likely you will be able to return to work, the employer is allowed to terminate. They would have to pay severance. You will not lose your disability coverage but may lose your other benefits. If you did not get severance or if there is a likelihood of returning to work, please call us right away.
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