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Regarding my insurance co. new case worker wanting to do a telephone “interview”, due to my anxiety over this (PTSD too triggers after huge car accident dealing with these people) I’ve asked her if I can give written medical updates. Previous worker let me do this. Is there anything legally I can say to protect myself such as: the interview will be under duress so it can’t be used against me, OR the interview via phone will set back my recovery/damage me (it does as I have been bed-ridden over the anxiety over thoughts of her trying to trick me into saying something that will be used against me), OR can I request the questions in advance so I can be prepared? This has me concerned because I asked what the difference between an “interview” and a medical update was, and she said she needed to talk on the phone, and that I couldn’t just send the updates in writing, so then WHY is the interview required, if it’s not simply a medical update? Her statements are conflicting. It seems it is not in my best interest, so why do I have to do it? I understand I must comply with what they want, but if she said it was for medical updates, then why won’t they take that in writing? What can I say legally to protect myself?

Phone conversations with LTD adjusters are common. You can take notes and then confirm in writing via email what was said. If there are issues or they cut you off, call or email me ASAP and we will help. My contact info is below.
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