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the insurance adjuster ask for more medical notes from my doctor and pause my payment at the same time.
The thing is. clinic said they have all the paperworks ready and send the invoice to adjustor but she did not paid.
I send several emails but get no reply.
Should I start hiring a lawyer now??

It's a bit of a tricky spot. Insurers are generally entitled to request and receive medical as it relates to your claim, and they may not have the obligation to pay for the fees associated with it. If they have however, previously paid for doctors notes, you can send a follow up email to your insurer, this time highlighting all the previous attempts you've made to them (ie. as per my emails on XX, YY and ZZ), and give them a deadline to respond.
If they still don't respond within that deadline, it's not the information you need, or you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our disability specialist Rebecca at, and she'll help you through next steps (at no charge!).
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