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I got injured at work, severed rotator cuff and did surgery. I am on WSIB and has and returning to one of multiple jobs doing Modified duties ( 3). Age 62 yrs old . I have other health issues. Hip and back problems and. My other shoulder is torn too( sound crazy but it’s true . Have problem standing and walking for a more than a hour, my injured shoulder never stop hurting . The Doctor says it will take a year and half to heal and it will only be 80% . Would l be Eligible for disability ? If l do , where do l start ? Please get back . Mush appreciated. Thanks

Yes, you may qualify for STD/LTD benefits, and you should apply right away. You can get the application forms from your HR department, or directly from your insurance company.

If you don't have STD/LTD, you can read about some of the government assistance programs that you may qualify for on our website at:
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