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My friend’s husband is totally disabled as a result of a tumour and has been for a few years. Recently she learned that he should have applied for CPPD. He has just been rushed to the hospital and should his treatments not be successful and should he die before applying for CPPD is this something his wife can do after he dies or is it too late to get any type of retroactive CPPD and would she and the dependents (2 children) be only entitled to regular survivor benefits at that point?

I'm very sorry to hear this.

What I find in these types of situations is that it's best to apply right away. If approved, great. If denied, you'll be provided with a detailed denial letter from CPPD, and you can then go through the basis of the denial, and even contact a lawyer about it if need be, to see if it was kosher or not. This is better than trying to figure what may or may not happen if you do or don't apply, or if you were to apply later.

You can also read about certain other provincial and federal government assistance programs that may be available to him (or her) on our website, at: (not an exhaustive list).
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