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My friend has just been advised by her insurer that he employer has changed their mind an can no longer accommodate her gradual return to work plan and they the insurance company will pay out the gradual return to work plan and close her claim. She is supposed to speak with the insurer later today I worked for this employer and she is the third person to go on LTD due to our immediate supervisor, two others found employment elsewhere and did not return, I quit before I ended up on LTD myself. Can they do this? I do not trust this employer I believe the supervisor does not want her back. He had previously told me that had he known an employee that went on LTD had "issues" he wouldn't have hired them, and then told me she would be fired. I believe she should speak with a lawyer before she speaks to the insurance company?

You're right. I recommend that your friend contact us ASAP to speak with our team and make sure she is being taken care of properly. It sounds like this could be a potential employment and disability matter, and we have expert lawyers trained in both fields. Your friend can find our contact information below
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