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Hello, this is a follow up to my previous question regarding being pushed to apply for long term disability while currently on maternity leave EI benefits(was previously on short term from Jan.2020 till oct.2020). As suggested I did reach out to Sunlife insurance and asked if there was a limit to apply for long term, their response is below. Now I am more confused and frustrated, I would appreciate your advice.

Should you wish to apply for Long Term Disability there is a 52 week waiting period from the day you were first disabled before you can apply. According to our records this day would be January 14, 2021.

You have 60 days from then to apply (March 15, 2021), and 90 days (April 14, 2021) to provide the supporting medical documentation for your claim. If you submit after this date, it will have to be reviewed by our management team to waive the late filing policy in your contract.

Once the information is received, we will review your claim for eligibility.

No one can force you to apply for LTD. If you feel that you are disabled and will remain disabled after your maternity leave then you should apply. If, however, you don't feel that you are disabled and will not be disabled from working post-maternity leave then you should not apply.
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