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Hi, I find myself now in possibly the same situation. I was rear-ended yesterday, and this morning feel pain all over my back, neck, and knee. I already had a planned visit with my family physician for my weekly check-in for my LTD. Luckily, my family physician has a separate practice one day a week for Accident Recovery Victims which I am going to book to see. However, I'm going to seek out legal counsel to discuss my options for remedy as AB has a soft-tissue cap of ~$5800...(I'm sure that will be gone through in physio and massage in one year). My question is: Do I make my LTD insurer aware of this accident immediately? At this time do I also ask for their official position on deductions (in writing)? There was a loud bang/crack in my vehicle but no physical damage. I am taking it into the body shop to inspect under the fender to see if there is damage that I can't see. I understand that I have 2 years to make a claim, but I also see that if I am going to sue someone I have to notify them within 120 days. If there is no damage to my vehicle, do I still have to go through my insurance company to involve the other driver's insurance co? or can my lawyer just go to their insurance company? and if it's just a settlement does IRB still work in this instance? Obviously, I will see what happens, and after the consult, with the injury lawyer I will have them ask the other driver's insurance company what their position is on deductions (in writing) and if the situation arises I should know early on, I will give your office here in Calgary a call to bring you in early in on the process for a consult.

Generally, you should inform your insurer if there are changes to your health or ability to return to work at any point. You should review your LTD policy to determine your obligations, but generally you will also need to disclose to your insurer if you receive any fund as a result of this accident
You should consult your injury lawyer regarding your other questions. If you run into any issues with your LTD insurer, please don't hesitate to contact us again
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