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My family Dr closed her family practice, she's been filling out my yearly supporting doctor forms since 2019, Now I have to find a new GP which in Alberta is very difficult, I'm concerned that I will not find a doctor that knows me and my LTD claim. Have you come across the problem with the lack of GP' s taking on new patients? I'm not sure a doctor at a walk in clinic would be happy to fill out the forms not knowing me. I know how important the support of a doctor is the LTD process.

There certainly is a known physician shortage across the country, so it is no surprise. All you can do is continue to try and find a new one. It can be helpful to 'journal' your attempts to find a new doctor, which can be done by keeping track of any email correspondences with potential offices/clinics. You can use that journal to show the insurer that you continue to do what you can do to receive appropriate care. If they give you a hard time about this or threaten your benefits due to lack of medical support, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will help.
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