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I am currently on LTD from my employer with eligibility thru Oct 2020. My insurance provider has asked my family doctor for an update on my status (asking for medical charts, consultation reports from Sep 2019 to present). 1) is this something the insurance company can ask for? Also insurance sent me a document asking for me to provide the following information: work experience for the past ten years, education, hobbies, volunteering, do I have a valid driver's license, a list of all my computer skills. 2) do I have to provide this information?
thank you for any assistance you can provide on the above two questions.

Your insurer is entitled to updated medical information about your condition in order to assess if you remain disabled. Requiring medical information from the past, however depends on the situation. If they are requesting that type of past medical information, plus further information regarding your work experience for the past ten years, education, etc., it seems to me as though they are attempting to figure out whether they can argue that you should be able to do other type of work, notwithstanding your disability. It may very well be that they are gearing up to cut off your benefits. If that is where they are going with this, or if the adjuster tells you that they want you to consider another job and your benefits will be ending as a result, contact me ASAP so we can discuss your legal options. My contact info is below.
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