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I have seen several doc's and now an IME and they all agree I have severe and prolonged OCD and major depression -ongoing from a work issue 4 years ago. I have done ongoing therapy with minimal results. I find that better than therapy-limiting my triggers and controlling my environment is the best. But my long term insurance company keeps bugging me every month. And this makes me feel way worse. What can I do?

Under your LTD policy, you have certain duties and responsibilities as a claimant. One of them will be to provide medical updates. So in short, you do have a duty to provide them with updates on your status, but of course, this only goes so far. If they are making unreasonable requests (either in what they're asking, or how often they're asking it), or requests that go beyond the terms of the policy, that can be challenged.

For starters, you should review those terms of your policy; and you should make sure that you advise them in writing if/when you find their demands unreasonable, and/or if their demands are exacerbating your psychological issues. If it continues, you could report it to their internal complaints department.

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